2023 Barnesville Pumpkin Festival Committee

1st Row L-R: Tim Rockwell, President, Tracey Rockwell, Evelyn Cook, Susan Lapham, Tina Copeland;;

2nd Row L-R: Rachel Wilcox, Helen Carpenter, Jeanette Hissom, Brenda Brown; 3rd Row L-R: Tracey Craig, Carolyn Stephen, Kim Stephen;

4th Row L-R: Lisa Kessler, Carolyn Bunting; Last Row: Jeff Carpenter, Darrell Philips, Frank Williams, Keith Williams, Brad Fitch

For more information, please contact the appropriate chairperson as noted on the
2023 Pumpkin Committee Listing PDF

Mailing Address:

The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival
P. O. Box 5
Barnesville, Ohio 43713